A downloadable game for Windows

Azeiko is a platformer game dependent on subject "Jump Gone Wrong" fundamentally player can make his soul and use it as a platform however player needs to hop so that player can finish the level within the quantity of soul in each level. 

Colleagues :-  

Game Programmer :- Arastu Tamboli 

Game Design :- Mridul Mayank, Arastu Tamboli 

Level Designer :- Mridul Mayank 

UI & Story Design :- Simaan Akbar


Development Log

-> Removed Bugs 

-> Improved Level Design and UI Design

-> Added a small BackStory of Azeiko

-> New Achievements in Different Levels

Install instructions

Kindly Please Unrar the file before playing..


BYOG_Azeiko_v1.1.rar 49 MB
BYOG_Azeiko_v1.1(bug fix).rar 49 MB